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“Playing with the Milonga Rythm”

A Course for All Levels

Do you want to improve your Milonga skills?
Learn Milonga from scratch? Well here is your chance. George is running “Playing with the Milonga Rythm” an 8 week course starting this Thursday 10 August starting at 8.45pm.

George ran this course last year and unfortunately there were some who missed out because they were away or didn’t learn about the course until later. So here is your opportunity.

The course is suitable for all levels and will be multi-layered to provide the more basic elements for beginners and extend the more experienced.

This course will explore what steps can be used and when. The course will cover Milonga liso, double time, quadruple time, traspie, half time and more.

Milonga is a cheeky Rhythm, it’s lots of fun and there is lots to play with within the Rhythm. There are more than 30 steps or sequences that can be incorporated into milonga. As well as knowing the steps/sequences, the most important thing is to know where to fit them in the music!

To dance really well you need to know the music! If you are thinking of joining the class start listening to Milongadel 900, Milonga Sentimental & Milonga Mis Amores- all by Francisco Canaro. If you don’t have copies of these contact George –george.3dwards$@gmail.com 

So come along, join up, enjoy and extend yourselves. Please come a little early at 8.15pm on Thursday so we can get the registration and payments out of the way before the lesson starts.

Please bring cash to pay for the fees as we do not have card facilities. The 8 week course fee is $60 plus a Club membership fee of $20 if you are not a member

Practicas – try out your cool moves at a Practica.

Sundays 3 pm to 5 pm

Tuesdays 7.30 pm to 10 pm

The cost is $2 for members. There will be other club members there who can help you. Don’t be afraid to ask…